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Yep. I'm going to Hawaii and I'll be knee-deep in amazing songs from every angle. This will be my first time attending, but I know it won't be my last! I have had several folks telling me I should go for about a year now, so I am very excited to finally share in the experience.


This is the description from the website: "KMF's Hawai'i Songwriting Festival is a celebration of the art & craft of songwriting, with an emphasis on collaboration, education, and music for film/TV. Songwriters of all levels from all walks of life come together to connect with each other and music professionals from Hawai'i, the mainland, and beyond! Whether you are a beginning songwriter or an experienced writer with placements and publishing deals, at KMF's Hawai'i Songwriting Festival you will learn a ton, expand your network, and leave with your creative batteries charged up! "